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Cabinet Door Types and Styles

Cabinets are important in the kitchen and in the bathroom. They're a central point of visual interest and take up a lot of space. You can enhance the visual appeal of your space by upgrading your cabinets to fit your aesthetics. But first, you'll have to decide what kind of cabinet door type you're looking for and what kind of door style best fits your space!

Cabinet Door Types

Partial Overlay

This is also known as the standard overlay which many people have as part of their builder grade home. This type of door only partially covers the cabinet frame, exposing about 1"-2" of the cabinet face frame. Since less material is used than a full overlay, this is considered a door type that cuts down on manufacturing costs.

Full Overlay

In this door type, the doors and drawer front almost completely cover the cabinet face. This is more of a streamlined look and gives a smooth profile to your cabinets in a contemporary way. These tend to cost more as more material is used in the manufacturing of larger doors.


The inset door and drawer fronts sit inside of the cabinet face frame openings and sits flush with the face frame. This is actually one of the very first type of cabinet doors and has been around for centuries.

5 Cabinet Door Styles

All of these 5 cabinet door styles can elevate your space. These are all either partial, full or inset door types. Which type suits you best?






That's all we have for this week! Let us know your favorite door styles!

-The Wholewood Team

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