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How To Make A Galley Kitchen Feel Bigger

Ahh galley kitchens. In smaller homes, these are inevitable when knocking walls out and restructuring the home is out of the picture.

However, galley kitchens can be great for those who are in and out of the kitchen, are no-fuss cookers and just need an efficient space to get some cooking done.

But everyone wants to feel like their space is bigger than it is! So here are some tips to make your galley kitchen look and feel bigger than it is!

Open Shelving

A perfect place to curate your favorite bowls, mugs and other kitchenware. Open shelving is chic and opens up the space.

Open Storage

"Open" is the way to go with galley kitchens. Because everything is so confined, any kind of freestanding/open design will do wonders to open up the feel of the kitchen.

Make the Floor Pop

Think outside the box! Try bold, simple, wacky styles for your floors, mixing and matching patterns and dark/light flooring. With a limited space to work with, you can carefully curate and refine each part of your space!

Walls and Windows

Dress up your windows if you have some. Add color, pattern or a large piece of art in the kitchen. It'll make everything feel less "hallway-like" and more "art museum-esque".

Lighting, lighting, lighting

Lighting is key. Stay away from low, yellow hued lighting and go for a bright white bulb. It'll make your kitchen feel much brighter and more open.

You could also try adding lighting under the cabinets to go for an even brighter effect.

Use white

In an already confined space, the key is bright and light. You may want to stay away from darker colors in your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Your bright lights will bounce off all the white surfaces and create an illusion of a bigger space.

Those are the tips we have for you! We hope you'll try them out!

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

-Wholewood Team

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