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How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Colors [that are right for you]

You're ready. It's time to begin your kitchen remodel and the first thing you're looking to get rid of are your kitchen cabinets. You think "This will be so easy." But then, you get to your cabinet store and they have shades and shades of white (who knew there could be so many?) and all these different wood undertones and you're overwhelmed.

How do you choose the right kitchen cabinet color? These cabinet colors will surely affect the atmosphere of the home, right?

Don't worry! Today we're going to tackle how to go about choosing the right kitchen cabinet color for YOUR home.

Don't choose your kitchen cabinet colors first.

Everyone always gravitates towards choosing their kitchen cabinet color first, then coordinating their countertops with it. You're limiting yourself when you choose your cabinets first--because only a limited type of countertops go with each cabinet color. Now if you choose from countertops first, you can use that sample piece to narrow down which shade of cabinets you're gravitating towards.

If in doubt, go with off-white.

If you really need your cabinet color before your countertops, make sure to go with an off-white. It's so much more versatile and easy to pair off with a larger variety of countertop designs.

Consider the size of your kitchen.

Look at the space you're working with. Is it a large space or a small one? Well lit with natural or artificial light? If you're in a windowless, galley kitchen, you will want to work with lighter kitchen cabinets to expand the visual space.

Wall Paint Color

What color are your kitchen walls? What kind of mood do you want to consider? It's best to complement your existing color scheme and think of the mood and aesthetic you're aiming for in your kitchen.

Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Take samples of the cabinet doors, countertops and backsplashes and bring them home! See how they work in different lighting. Do the finishes complement each other? How do they look in different lighting and different times of the day?

Don't be afraid to experiment with trends like two toned cabinets, brass hardware, different textures like distressed wood and glass and so much more!

Your kitchen is your artboard! Let your creativity soar!

-The Wholewood Team

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