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Are Orange-y Oak Cabinets Making A Comeback?

Orange-y oak cabinets are staple in any older home. Either you love them or hate them. But are they truly coming back in style?

The answer is: Yes...and no. (which is really a non-answer, but hear us out.)

While no one is scrambling to install oak wood cabinets with orange/yellow/warm undertones in their kitchen, less and less people are ripping them out in favor of painted cabinets.

Why? Because of a new trend towards natural wood cabinets. These are cabinets that have that raw wood look and can be stained in any color.

So instead of painting your cabinets the newest 'it' color, why not try updating them to keep their natural beauty, while also maintain the durability that comes with solid wood cabinets.


An easy way to update the look of your oak cabinets is to sand down and re-stain. If you go darker, pick a modern dark stain like coffee or espresso. If you want to go light, you'll have to tackle the warm undertones and neutralize the wood first.

Something to remember: going dark = less work, going light = a lot of work

Painting Cabinets

If you decide staining is too much of a hassle, painting may sound more appealing. However, if you're working with cabinets that have a natural grain texture, painting may prove to be a big task as well. Make sure to adequately sand down the cabinets and paint with a spray tool. This will make sure your cabinets have that even texture and finish to it.

Although it's tempting to get one of those kits from Home Depot or Lowe's, spraying would be the better option if you have grainy oak cabinets!

That's all we have today, folks! What do you think about natural cabinets? Or are you a fan of classic oak cabinets?

As always, if you ever find yourself in need of assistance, please reach out to us!

-The Wholewood Team

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