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Getting Your Kitchen Back to School Ready!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Back to school is right around the corner! With the kids hustling and bustling in the mornings and parents going to and from all the extracurriculars that have started back up again, it's important to get your kitchen ready for the inevitable chaos that ensues in the back to school season.

With these handy kitchen tips, you can ensure that your back to school routine is efficient, streamlined and oh-so-easy!

Snack Station

Find a shelf that's low enough for your kids to reach and stock easy to grab and go snacks for the kids! Keep the shelf organized with plastic bins without lids, so you can see when stock in running low.

School Lunch Storage

Get all your school lunch items in one place: plastic bags, twist ties, brown paper bags, napkins and anything else you usually reach for when packing lunches. This ensures that your packing process is quick and painless.

Menu Time

Hang a menu in the kitchen for the week's food. It's something for the kids to look forward to and can also double as a grocery list for you!

Lunchbox Zone

Gone are the days of lunch boxes scattered throughout the kitchen and you having to hunt for them when preparing the next day's meals. Have a designated station for the kids to drop off their lunch bags so you can quickly grab them and prep them for the next day!

Keep healthy food in plain sight!

Keep healthy food on the kitchen island or anywhere else the kids can see. This can prevent unhealthy snacking and also promote a healthy eating culture in the home.

Those are our tips to get your kitchen back to school ready! What other ones do you plan to implement for this upcoming year?

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