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5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Work for You in the Age of COVID-19

With everyone spending more time in their homes and definitely their kitchens, who doesn't want a space that is welcoming and convenient?

Today, we're going to explore five ways to make your kitchen cabinets work for you!

1. Drawers Who doesn't need more storage? Pull out drawers are easy to use, easy to clean and with the right drawer organizers, can store so much more than your shelves and countertops!

2. Trash/Compost Drawer In this age where we're cooped up inside, no one wants to be wafting in the scent of last night's dinner (and the bugs that come with it). With a trash/compost drawer, you can enjoy a fresh smelling kitchen and maybe even prolong having to take out that trash for a couple of days.

3. Wine Rack Insert Need I say more? No time is more deserving of multiple glasses of wine a night, than the craziness of the year 2020. Make it easy on yourself and have that wine within reach for that post work/post dinner glass.

4. Pull Out Spice Rack Fall is upon us! Cold weather, cozy fireside chats and warm, chewy cookies are upon us! What better way to get ready for the holiday season than giving your spices a designated spot? Easy to reach, easy to use and therefore, easy to bake those yummy gingerbread cookies.

5. Cabinet Hardware 2020 is already a hard year. Let's not make it more difficult on ourselves by not being able to open our kitchen cabinet doors. Handles provide easy access to your drawers, ensure that you actually open your kitchen cabinets on the first try and they also add that pop of color to your cabinets! It's too crazy of a year to fuss over the inability to open your cabinets.

What are you waiting for? Make your kitchen work for you!

Visit a showroom today and see what we have to offer!

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