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2021 - The Turning Point for Kitchen Colors?

With more people staying at home in 2021, kitchens have truly become the heart of the home. Even as people are slowly reopening their homes to others as we emerge from lockdowns, the kitchen is still the key feature of the home.

2021 can be seen as a real turning point for kitchens as many homeowners were faced with the question of how to maintain a usable, functional space that is also aesthetically pleasing. What better to shake up your kitchen than with a new color palette? So let's dive into some 2021 kitchen color trends that have been popping up on our social media and making waves on Pinterest!

Overall Color Trends

As we've said before - white is out and warm, earthy tones are in! Gone are clinical, stark white days of the kitchen as homeowners strive to create a calming kitchen space with warm neutrals or soft pops of color.

Green is the trend!

Sage green has taken over navy to become the most Google searched cabinet color, increasing from 39% to 750% in searches and we understand why! Green is neutral enough to not be overbearing and brings a little bit of that nature-y feel into the space.

Cool Cashmere

This is the perfect alternative to a white or cream kitchen. A muted, neutral look like cool cashmere can be combined with other bright colors to liven up a dark space.

Aegean Teal

A close cousin to the navy blue kitchen, teal has slowly replaced navy in kitchens. A bold pop of color, Aegean teal is often used as a feature wall or feature tile to elevate your space and give a more luxurious feel.

Pebble Gray

This earthy color is always going to be in style! Gray goes so well with so many colors and also adds a perfect neutral warmth to any space.

That's all the kitchen color roundups we have for 2021. Which ones are you looking to try?

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