Walk-in Kitchen Pantry vs. Cabinet Pantry [which one should you choose?]

Let's face it, kitchens get cluttered really easily. Whether you're constantly cooking, eating or cleaning, kitchens are often the heart of the home. And with that, comes clutter, mess and oftentimes disorganization, hence the need for pantries to organize and store everything!

But which option is better for organization? A walk in pantry or a cabinet pantry?

Walk-in Pantries

What are Walk-in Pantries?

These are roomy enclosed spaces, like a closet, that has wall to wall shelves, customized inserts with ample room for movement and storage.

Pros of Walk-in Pantries

The volume of storage in walk in pantries is unbeatable. You have floor to ceiling shelves that are big enough to store snacks, pots and pans, cookbooks, appliances and even a microwave!