The Most Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistake [Don't do this!]

Aside from the bathroom remodel mistakes of not planning ahead, adding unnecessary luxuries and keeping up with the trends--one of the most costly mistakes home remodelers make is completely gutting the wall tiles of their bathrooms.


The most targeted victim is of course, those pink tiled bathrooms every new homeowner can't wait to rip out of their mid-century home.

Not only is this expensive, it also removes the character and history of a beautiful vintage bathroom. According to the Save the Pink Bathrooms Movement (learn more here), Pink bathrooms are a part of American heritage and if recent trends are anything to be believed in, they are making their comeback!

So, next time you're thinking of ripping out those pink tiles, reconsider! There are so many modern updates that you can work around, like redoing your flooring, switching out your bathroom vanity cabinet and countertop, (If you're looking for a bathroom vanity at a low price, check out our selection here!) upgrading your sink, faucets and light fixtures--all at a much lower price than gutting your walls.

Not convinced? Check out these 10 trendy pink bathrooms that perfectly mix retro and contemporary styles!

I. Pink Hexagon Wall Tiles


2. Pink Paneled Walls


3. Pink Chevron Tile


4. Pink Scalloped Tiles


5. Pink Large Wall Tiles


6. Pink Iridescent Square Tiles


7. Pink Brick Tiles


8. Bubble Gum Pink Tiles


9. Pink Plank Tiles


10. Classic Retro Pink Tiles


Hopefully we've convinced you to keep those beautiful, retro (soon to be trendy again) tiles in your home!

Let us know if you're on board with saving the pink bathrooms! You can learn more about the movement here.

As always, feel free to email us at with any questions about your next bathroom remodel (and we sure hope it'll be pink!)

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