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Mid-Century Modern [2020 Design Trend]

The past few years have brought the mid-century style popularized in 1945-1969. The clean, sleek lines and simplistic surfaces (and occasional bright pop of color) have been revitalized with the minimalistic movement across the world.

Today we'll be highlighting some of our favorite mid-century modern kitchens and the features that make this style so endearing to so many.

1. Warm Cabinet Colors This kitchen is the epitome of a mid-century modern style. With warm, soft colors accented by the walnut colored kitchen cabinets, the aesthetic is one of simple and industrial elegance. With the pop of the marble backsplash, this kitchen is a modern take on a traditional style. (Shop our similar cabinet style: European Walnut Cabinets)

2. Pop of Color

A signal to its retro roots, this mid century modern kitchen plays on the modern elements of the flat kitchen cabinet design, while emphasizing the backsplash, vent and oven taken from the original design movement. So fun, so snazzy.

(Shop our similar cabinet style: European Walnut Cabinets and handles: Plated Handle Grabs)

3. Matching Wooden Floors

Creating an illusion of seamless flow, the walnut flooring matches perfectly with the walnut style cabinets, made possible by the walnut toe kick. This uniformity in color underlies the root aesthetic of the mid-century modern style: clean lines and a timeless modernity.

(Shop our similar cabinet style: UV Teak European Cabinets and flooring: 2059)

4. Accent Kitchen Island

Perhaps the most modern part of this style is the slow evolution to using light colored kitchen islands to accent the otherwise earthy tones of mid-century modern kitchen. This waterfall island establishes the clean lines echoed in the light walnut kitchen cabinets, while also serving as a utilitarian feature as well.

(Shop our similar cabinet style: Rustic Oak European Cabinets and kitchen island: Waterfall Island in Pure White Quartz)

5. Black Chrome Accents

Another modern direction this style has taken in recent years is the emphasizing of dark lines and accents in black chrome. Give your modern kitchen an industrial and clean vibe that emphasizes the structure of the mid-century modern aesthetic.

(Shop our similar cabinet style: Rustic Oak European Cabinets and black chrome hardware: available in handles, knobs and kitchen accessories)

pictures from Pinterest

What do you think? Will you be trying out this mid century modern style anytime soon?

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