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Maximize Your Kitchen Space [9 Tried and True Ways]

Ever wished you had more kitchen space? Or maybe you've moved into your dream home, but that kitchen is just a bit too small. Or maybe you're tired of fighting for counterspace with your pots, pans, spice racks and everything in between.

We get that. Not every dream home can have everything you want and not every busy home has the time to arrange, rearrange, and arrange kitchen essentials time and again.

If you're looking for more kitchen space in your kitchen, get started with these 9 tips!

1. Make use of cabinet door interiors. These are often free spaces that can hang pots, pans, cutting boards and cleaning supplies that take up precious kitchen cabinet space!

2. Stacking Shelves

Maximize the vertical space in your kitchen cabinets with stacking, pull out shelves. Gone are the days of playing Jenga with your pots and pans. Pull out shelves make the most out of hard to reach spaces.

3. Use those corner spaces!

You know, the ones that you can't bear to open because it's a whole jumble of random pots, pans and other things you barely use. Your kitchen space too precious to let this space go to waste. Don't be afraid of corner spaces - use a lazy susan to make accessing this awkward spot more comfortable!

4. Fill the gaps!

You know that awkward spot between the ceiling and your kitchen cabinets? Yes, the one that is super hard to reach. You can use that space! This is the perfect spot for less used items and also a great opportunity to play with different storage bin textures in the kitchen.

5. Hang up pans and other bulky kitchenware

Let's be honest, pots and pans take up so much space. There's only so many pans you can store on the stove top or even in the oven, if you're really short on space. So try hanging your pans up! It's the perfect way to clear out space and can also serve as a way to air-dry some of those more delicate cookware!

6. Don't forget the sides!

Of your kitchen cabinets, that is. Exposed cabinet sides are a great place to store cookbooks, spices, hanging racks for pans--anything you can think of!

7. Make the most of awkward spaces.

Think of those awkward small spaces where the kitchen cabinets end and a window starts or where there's a random little nook in the wall. Use those! Mini floating shelves are a way to maximize this space so you can save more counter space by putting away those smaller, less used items!

8. Hang your knives

Make a statement with your knives and also save counterspace! Knife blocks take up precious counterspace, so it's time to do away with those. Install a strong magnetic strip on your backsplash and show off your knife collection!

9. Maximize the space under your hanging cabinets

This space is often overlooked and forgotten, but don't let it be so! You can store so much under your hanging cabinets, like wine bottles, spices, wine glasses and everything in between!

That's it, folks! Thanks for diving into our tips to maximize your kitchen space. Let us know in the comments if you plan on trying any one of these tips!

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