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Chic White Kitchen Remodel | Wholewood Cabinets

So. You're ready for your kitchen remodel. You're thinking, "Where do I even start?"


No need to fret! Our Wholewood designers are here every step of the way to make your dream remodel come to life!

Case in point, let's talk about the Wholewood process with this beautiful remodel.

Our client gave their entire kitchen and living area an uplift with our classic White Shaker, polished nickel gold handles and elegant white countertops.

They wanted something that would match their minimal and chic aesthetic. With these styles in mind, our designer began working with them to transform the kitchen into a space that matched the rest of their home.

"Sure, that sounds great." You say, "But map out the whole process for me. What exactly can I expect?"

The First Step

Come right in at any of our two locations or better yet, schedule an appointment at one of our locations, so we can make sure someone is in the showroom to assist you!

The Design Process

Our designer will come out to your property and measure the space to provide the most accurate quote possible. They will also bring samples, so you can see if the colors match really match in the lighting of your own home.

You're ready to go!

Once you've selected your colors and finalized your design, our crew will begin work!

What are you waiting for?

Visit a showroom and get started today!

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