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Epoxy Countertops: Should You Do It?

Everyone loves a quick, easy and affordable upgrade. The home improvement industry has been booming with quick DIY fixes; one of the more popular ones being epoxy countertops that look like luxurious marble and quartz.

While some do look exactly like their stone countertops, is it the best and safest surface for a high traffic kitchen? Today, we'll look at the pros and cons of attempting your own epoxy countertops and give a verdict of whether you should do it or not!

What are epoxy countertops?

Epoxy is a type of finish that is applied to different surfaces to create a durable, rock hard finish. An epoxy finish must be applied to an existing countertop like Formica, laminate, wood, concrete, metal or ceramic tile.

How are epoxy countertops made?

Epoxy is made by mixing liquid resin and hardener to produce a quick hardening material.

Pros of Epoxy Countertops

-epoxy is exceptionally durable and no re application is necessary to sustain its durability

-rarely cracks and is virtually indestructible

-gives off a high gloss look that is unmatched by other materials

-endless patterns and color choices

-usually a single pour process, which means seamless countertops

-food safe surface

-repels mold and bacteria growth

-no special cleaning products required to maintain cleanliness

Cons of Epoxy Countertops

-heat resistant but not heatproof; hot pots can damage the surface

-messy application that may require professional assistance

-requires some practice sessions before application

-may show air bubbles and bumps if careful application is not applied

-a labor-intensive and time-consuming application

-non forgiving; after the epoxy is poured, there are no second chances

-prone to stains that could leave permanent marks

-can release some volatile organic compounds and needs to be properly ventilated

Our Verdict

Although this is a popular way to upgrade kitchen countertops without the hefty price tag of quartz and granite, we don't particularly recommend this method. Although durable, toxic chemicals released gives us pause to the true safety of epoxy countertops.

We're more traditional; we think granite, quartz or even laminate countertops are the way to go!

-The Wholewood Team

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